Thursday, March 30, 2006

My Mind Was Drifting...

I'm reading an old Alfred Hitchcock collection of stories and came across a stunning paragraph in one of them. Here it is:

Time is the great healer, it makes you forget; sometimes it makes you forget literally and with great cruelty. I knew a man whose wife ran away, and he never saw her again. He missed her so much he thought he could never for a moment forget it. A year later, reading in his living room at night, he became so absorbed in his book that when he heard a faint familiar noise in the kitchen he called out without looking up from his book and asked his wife to bring him a cup of tea when she came back into the room. Only when there was no answer did he look up from his complete forgetfulness; then his loss swept over him worse than ever.

Monday, March 27, 2006

I Am Addicted

This is a bath bomb - I can NOT get enough of these things.

I take a bath every night to relax, read, and smoke out. We discovered bath bombs on our honeymoon and baths have never been the same since.

Basin is the store we got them at and they have online ordering. Last week I received about $65 worth of bath bombs - they are already half gone. Order a couple and see if you can take a regular bath again. I recommend "Therapy" - it's far and away my favorite.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Lameness, Thy Name Is Pinko Punkass

Great night with the band last night. Many thanks to David James for impromptu roadie duties, and to Fulsome for helping me coin the phrase "Pinko Punkass". The other bands were great, especially A Northern Chorus. Yo Fulsome - let's see those pics.

This week has almost killed me...thank GOD it's almost over. There is a bath in my very near future.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Thursday March 23rd - Edinburgh Castle, S.F.

A wonderful night of dream-pop.

Hope Chest
A Northern Chorus (from Canada)
Sianspheric (also from Canada)

$5 * Show at 9p - Hope Chest on first * Dig it

Yeah, I bumped it - whatcha got to say about it? Thought so. Punk ass.

The Sisters Of Mercy

What a fucking show. There are some nights you want to go out and communicate with your audience, and then there are some nights you want to go out and just fucking DO IT HARD, which is what The Sisters did tonight. Loads and loads of new songs that sounded wonderful, especially since the sound was better than Vegas (although the sound kept "dipping", like someone was occasionally leaning on the master volume). Andrew sang better in Vegas, but was still in fine form. "Alice", "Temple of Love", "First & Last & Always", "Dominion / Mother Russia"...ahhhhhh, the heart just melts. Vera, our backing vocalist, said afterwards: "I've NEVER seen you rock out like that before!" What can I say? It was the fucking Sisters.

And it seems like 25 years...

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Belle & Sebastian

...was a fucking BLAST. Great set-list tonight ("Dog on Wheels"!) and the band was in stunning form; even the most fey songs had some serious ooomph behind them. Fulsome, Fulsome's wonderful lady, myself, The Old Lady, my guitarist Paul and his girl all shimmied our way through the evening quite happily. There were, oh I don't know, about 174 comments between Fulsome, Paul and I that all went along the lines of "can you believe this is Belle & Sebastian?!" or "holy SHIT - they are rocking OUT!".

Note To Self: Flask, you bastard. Get a fucking flask.


* Fulsome is about 6 foot 14 inches tall. I used to think he was taller.
* The Hotel Utah is one dusty freakin' bar.
* Paul is my oldest friend.
* It makes more sense to roll a blunt than to roll 3-4 joints.
* I like concert shirts.
* I am happy being an alcoholic, and, thankfully, am a very happy drunk.
* The Sisters of Mercy is gonna be a weird gear shift from tonight. Heh.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Let The Games Begin


Belle and Sebastian with Fulsome, The Old Lady and my guitarist.


The Sisters of Motherfucking Mercy - say it loud, bitches.


Hope Chest at Edinburgh Castle with a bunch of good bands and mates.


World domination.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Hope Chest / New Order Podcast Tomorrow

So as it turns out, you WON'T be able to vote for us and our cover of "1963" if you weren't a member of the NewOrderOnline community already, but no worries cos you can still listen to it and all the other songs.

Our face-off starts tomorrow (Saturday). There are 2 other bands doing versions of "1963" so we're excited, as all the entries have been a blast to listen to so far.

Go here for the podcast. Go here for our artist page. Go here for all the artists.

Listen to a few of the face-off podcasts. Very well done overall by the NewOrderOnline folks, and you can hear some really amazing versions. Gigi Translator did a fantastic "Blue Monday" that won them their face-off - I danced my ass off to it as I made tacos. What a mess...

Go and spread my gospel.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Light Posting

I probably won't post again til late next week. My head is firmly up the ass of the album we're recording and it is taking all my time, not to mention sanity - that and band practises have me pretty much sapped of energy. Plus we're still trying to square away the artwork. Not to mention we've written 2 songs in the past week we want to get on an album that's over half finished, which means they need some lyrics now or, preferrably, yesterday. Sounds underwhelming, I know, but I'm losing sleep and not all "there".

"Ecstasy On Main Street" will be out in August.

UPDATE: Bumped for relevance.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

One Last Thing

Buy me all of these. That is all.

...Oh, And By The Way

"Sensitivity" by Ralph Tresvant is the muthafuckin' JAM. We all know who the REAL talent of New Edition was, though Johnny Gill was pretty good. Don't get me started on Bobby or Bell Bitch DeHoe.

In conclusion...


Not Pimpin':

Monday, March 06, 2006

You Know You Should...

Stop being a selfish punkass - go buy some goods for the library that teh l4m3 runs out in the boonies. They don't have one single Upton Sinclair book! For shame!!

It's the least you can do for the wonderfulness that is teh.

Monday's Lyrical Musings

"I don't like Mondays"
- The Boomtown Rats

"I'm not a sea, I'm not a forest, I'm not a drug eating away. You'll never see me walk in a nightmare, I'm not the son you sent away..."
- The House of Love

"We walked until the sunlight died - how could I breathe without your love?"
- Clan of Xymox

"I wrote for luck and they sent me you."
- Happy Mondays

"Counting the days in the haze around you, Susanne let the ether fall"
- The Sisters of Mercy

"There are too many ways that you can kill someone, like in a love affair when the love has gone"
- New Order

"As free as the wind, and hopefully learning why the sea on the tide has no way of turning"
- Roxy Music

"And as I wander down to where you lay, the blood rushed up to meet the roses in your hair"
- Arcadia

"If your god bestows protection upon you, and if the USA doesn't bomb you, I believe I will see you somewhere safe, looking to the camera, messing around and pulling faces."
- Morrissey

Thursday, March 02, 2006

New Order Tribute

So we've entered a contest to get on a New Order tribute CD - our page is here.

When the time comes, you will be ordered to vote for us.

That is all for now.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Our building may be evacuated - the emergency system is going off and the Fire and Police Departments are here. And we're one floor from the top...fucking GREAT...

UPDATE: Don't know what it was. Took AGES for the "all clear", but it seems yer stuck with me a bit longer. Tacos at my place.