Thursday, September 29, 2005

If There Ended Up Being a God After All...

...I'd ask what the FUCK was the purpose of hangovers.


Wednesday, September 28, 2005

How lame do you have to be... send a Public Relations person abroad to improve America's image in the Muslim world?

Yeah, didn't think you'd know the answer. You're doing a heckuva job.

That's The Trouble With Houses of Cards

Inevitably, someone gets careless and knocks the whole thing down, blowing all their hard work.

Or, in this case, someone comes by and does it for you.

For right-wingers, expect the normal deluge of "partisan smear" this, "liberal bias" that. For lefties, congratulations on justice long overdue.

Tom DeLay was indicted today for campaign fund misuse (which appears, in the scheme of things, to be the equivalent of getting Al Capone sent up on tax evasion charges - not the big one we'd hoped for, but sure as hell did the job). The fact that he's finally been indicted after all this time (and after friends of his were already indicted) is a good sign that there's some weight to the charges. Ronnie Earle, who has prosecuted primarily Democrats, led the charge, so I'm sure Jonah Goldberg will be furiously posting, re-posting, and updating VERY soon.

Bill Frist is rumored to have reaped $2-$6 million for his "blind trust" stock sale in HCA. Apparently, even though he's part owner of the company and there are emails from his trust to him personally discussing his holdings and earnings (in violation of blind trust laws and, indeed, the inherent purpose of a blind trust), he only "directed the sale of the stock" in order "to avoid any appearance of a conflict of interest." Well, those conflict of interest queries have been thrown his direction since 1999, so what made it such a fucking emergency now?

Apparently, it was HCA's insiders selling off $18.6 million in stock. Now THAT'S a fucking emergency.

Any takers on how many days it takes Blanco to bitch-slap Michael Brown back to the horse stables? Even Chertoff is making his distance clear. Lesson to Brownie: when you're a bitch for the Bush administration, just suck, don't bite.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Slowdive = Dreamy Goodness

You know I love you - here's proof.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Life is too short not to have friends, Pt. 3

I may be getting married to my sweetheart of 6 years this weekend, but this is the woman who really wears the pants in the house: Isabella.

She demands more attention than a 3-year old with a cold 18-pack of "Why?"s. She is a little fuzzy on the difference in species, hence her demand to kiss me if I'm paying a bit too much attention to my human girl. Should I spend too much time with the other cats, she sits just out of reach with her back to me. She determines where I sleep, how long I spend in the bathroom alone, and if I've spent enough time with her (I, apparently, never do). Now if she would just kick in for the bills...

Life is too short not to have friends, Pt. 2

Here's Matchstick. Feral Cat Foundation rescue. Petco adoption. Named after a Happy Mondays song ("Little Matchstick Owen").

Likes: hearing his name; catnip; chasing rubber bands; getting his a** spanked HARD; wet food.

Hates: knocking on the door; cheap cat food; toys without feathers; loud voices.

Life is too short not to have friends, Pt. 1

This is Hazy Monday, the newest member of our family. A mere 3 months old, this monster is as big as our adult cats and, being a Maine Coon, has paws as big as my hands. He will supposedly average around 15-25 pounds.

God help us.

Getting testy...